Fully Automatic Sport casting

Join The Players is Fully Automatic recording system that enhances the emotional experience from your sport activities and a faster way to improve your skills.
It is a time effective tool for enjoining the best moments from your match whenever you wish or to share the game with your friends and fans.


Full HD weather-proof shock resistant cameras.
Custom video recording system.
Website with player profiles and sport center channels.


Full HD video recording from 3+ viewing angles.
Auto-generated highlights – 3-5 min video compilation with the best moments of the game, ready to watch in just a few minutes after the match.
Automatic camera director (automatic detection for switching camera view based on where the action is).
Manual highlights – online tool for creating video compilation with selected moments from the game.
Live streaming functionality.
One-button instant sharing to social networks from the website.


Gather your team and play at a JTP-equipped field.
Go to JTP website and watch the best moments from your game.
Share your experience.