Conditions of Service for the Join The Players Ltd.'s website

General provisions

Please read these Terms of Use before using the site of Join The Players LTD. These terms and conditions constitute a contract between you and Join The Players Ltd., thereby receiving the right to freeky use the site's services for personal and non-commercial purposes, subject to the conditions below. By using the Join The Players Ltd.'s website it is considered that you accept these Conditions of Service and agree with their provisions, as they are binding only in the context of your relationship between you as User of the website's services and Join The Players LTD. By accessing (loading) web pages, you agree to be bound by these Conditions of Service and any subsequent changes thereto, and agree to follow them. If you do not agree with all the terms and conditions below, please do not use the site Join The Players LTD. Consumers are entitled to use this site's services, called henceforth in this document and only "site" solely for personal / non-commercial purposes.

Key Terms

For present purposes, the following terms are used with the following meaning: 'USER' means any natural person who uses any of the services on the Join The Players LTD website. "SERVICE/S" on the site include: access to services provided through the Internet browser information resources/site data; taking part on the site by commenting, rating and reporting posts to a moderator; options to share digital content (text, audio, video); creation and customization of user profiles through registration, which allows access to the site's archive of information resources, as well as participating in the website's network of users; receiving email newsletters by those users who have registered for the service. "PARTNER" means any person with whom Join The Players Ltd. is in a contractual relationship with that may provide additional information about their products/services to users of the website who have registered for this service. 'MALICIOUS THIRD PARTY ATTACKS "- acts or omissions by third parties, conducted in conflict with the rules of netiquette, including, but not limited to DoS (Denial of Service - overloading the server), hacking into the server, defacing, data theft and others. "DIRECT MARKETING" - offering goods and services to consumers by mail, telephone or other direct means and consultating Users for the purposes of marketing research. "PERSONAL INFORMATION" - this type of information is required for certain services under voluntary registration . Personal Information may include email address, password, gender, date of birth, interests, hobbies and the like.


1. All images, pictures, videos, text, documents, databases, software and other information posted on the website of Join The Players Ltd. are the property of Join The Players Ltd. and are subject to protection under the law on Copyright and related rights and all international instruments in force for the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as the relevant European Union acts. Undetected use constitutes an offense and entails civil, administrative and criminal liability in accordance with Bulgarian law.

2. The use or copying of any part of this website's content is prohibited unless expressly authorized in writing by Join The Players Ltd.


Join The Players Ltd. is the administrator of personal data, registered under the Law for the Protection of Personal Data.

By registering Join The Players Ltd. website, the User agrees that the site owners, in their capacity of data administrators, to store and process his personal data, which the User has provided voluntarily. Join The Players Ltd. is committed to ensuring the privacy of information containing personal data that users provide online by filling the respective registration application. This information is not shared with anyone outside the Join The Players Ltd. and will not be sold or rented to anyone without the User's personal consent.

Disclosure is only possible when the user has personally submitted the data in publicly available data fields (through comments, by publishing posts, etc.) and when the information is required by state organs or officials authorized by law to request and collect information containing personal data, as well as when statutory order is maintained.

Join The Players Ltd. can provide the collected statistical information to website advertisers / advertising agencies that keep statistics on clicks and other User activity on their banners and links, draw up internal statistics, and for the purposes of direct marketing (and their partners). By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the User agrees to the processing for direct marketing purposes of information provided by him in completing the personal data registration application. The user has the right to object to the processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes by sending written notice to Join The Players Ltd., at the following address or email contact: Direct marketing Sending information about changes in the registration conditions and the general conditions of use is not considered direct marketing.

V. Limiting Liability

Join The Players Ltd. is doing everything possible to maintain true, accurate and current information on their website, without precluding the possibility of accidental inconsistencies or omissions. Join The Players Ltd. is not responsible for the consequences, including any damages arising from or connected in any way to access, use or inability to use this site. All information on the site is provided in accordance with Bulgarian law without guarantee from the Join The Players Ltd. for its inviolability and security from malicious attacks by third parties.

Join The Players Ltd. is not responsible for the subjective perception and interpretation of the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of this website's information resources.

Join The Players Ltd. is not responsible for the information (including its completeness and accuracy) in the sites to which this website contains links.

Join The Players Ltd. is not responsible for the content of images, pictures, text, documents and other information generated by users of this site, and carries the right to remove and/or modify at any time and at its discretion any material generated by any user ,when there are reasonable grounds to believe there is an abuse of rights, or any of these Terms and Conditions' rules are violated.

Join The Players Ltd. is entitled to compensation for all damages, costs and claims by third parties that are a consequence of a breach of these Terms and Conditions and/or unauthorized use of the services of the website" Join The Players LTD.

Services Requiring Registration

Join The Players Ltd. reserves the right to provide access to certain services after compulsory registration. The services are: access to videos of amateur football matches; creating customizable user profiles; posting comments under videos.

Users can get free and full access to sections of the site requiring registration, if they create their own individual profile. Filling out the registration form requires a valid email address, a username that is not currently taken, and to a password, along with providing other information that may be required in order to use the service.

By completing the registration form and clicking the "acknowledge"/"accept", the consumer has expressly accepted these Terms and also additional provisions – if any. Subscription to receive any of the information services provided by sending email or by choosing to receive notification on a mobile phone will be considered a valid registration and binds the User of these Terms as if they had filled out the registration form.

In the profile settings, users are required to provide complete, true and accurate information in compliance the requirements of these Terms.

Email address, username and password are personal and can not be used by anyone to access the registration areas of this website.

If a username is chosen that is already taken, the administrator provides new choices until the system approves the username and password of the user.

The User is obliged not to communicate to anyone their username and password, accessing information services through their own registration and not trying to present themselves as another user. When the administrator of the Join The Players Ltd. website notifies the User to update their registration information, the User is obliged to make adjustments where necessary in view of the information's completeness, accuracy and precision. Join The Players Ltd. reserves the right to decide whether to grant a profile/account to the User, to remove or restrict a User profiles that according to its discretion are considered unacceptable, and if there is reasonable suspicion that these Terms have been violated, in which case Join The Players Ltd. reserves the right to withdraw the above free services by posting a message on the site.

User Obligations Concerning Allowed Content On The Join The Players Ltd. Website.

1. Users cannot upload, distribute or otherwise publish on Join The Players Ltd. Website any content which is defamatory, obscene, offensive, pornographic or otherwise illegal or contrary to the moral standards;

2. The publication of text/photo and/or audio content calling for forcible change of the established constitutional order, or violence, or contains illegal messages or in nature can damage the equipment of other Users, will be deleted immediately and reported to the appropriate authorities empowered to sanction such behavior.

3. Users agree not to make threats and insults to other Users and not use defamatory and/or vulgar language or knowingly disrupt discussion with repetitive messages, meaningless postings or "spam";

4. Users are obliged to maintain good netiquette and therefore will not use language that offends and/or discriminates based on race, religion, nationality, gender, sexual preference, age, education, disability and similar. Hate speech of any kind is grounds for immediate and permanent suspension of access to all or part of the services on the Join The Players Ltd. website.

5. Malicious actions are strictly prohibited. Malicious actions are actions or inactions violating Internet ethics or causing damages to persons connected to the Internet or associated networks, sending unsolicited email (SPAM, JUNK MAIL), overflow communication channels (FLOOD), gaining access to resources with other person's internet rights and passwords, using flaws in the systems for personal benefit or to obtain information (HACK), committing acts that can be qualified as industrial espionage or sabotage, damaging or destroying systems or information databases (CRACK), sending or causing "Trojan horses" (systems for unauthorized remote control) or causing installation of viruses, disturbing the normal operation of other users of the Internet and associated networks, carrying out any activities whatsoever that may qualify as a crime or administrative offense under Bulgarian legislation or other applicable law;

6. Consumers have the right to use the site of Join The Players Ltd. only for noncommercial use. They may not redistribute or otherwise publish, without Join The Players Ltd.'s prior and express written consent, any materials containing advertising, promotion of a product or service or requests for the donation of funds.

7. Users accept that the content they publish on the website of Join The Players Ltd. (i.e. user-generated content, including but not limited to comments, messages in the forums, reviews, text, shared activities, videos, audio and photos, as well as computer code and applications) can be edited, removed, modified, published, transmitted and displayed by site administrators. In this sense, Users agree and waive any rights they may have in the amendment, modification or removal of content without consulting them.


Users receive the right to access partner sites of Join The Players Ltd., using their existing registration on When registering on the site of the partner, Users give explicit consent to Join The Players Ltd. to provide their registration data on to that partner website.


Join The Players Ltd. reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time by promptly publishing any amendations to the site, along with a message about them in the Terms and Conditions. All outstanding issues with these General Terms and Conditions are resolved by the